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Fine Art Conservation Laboratories specializes in the conservation/preservation and restoration of paintings. Under the direction of Scott M. Haskins, FACL has been providing professional conservation services nationwide since 1986.

In addition to the excellent conservation professionals in the United States, several seasoned international professionals come together to create a company that has great depth of experience in craftsmanship and talent, proven problem solving expertise, analytical capabilities, professionalism, and art connoisseurship.

Full-time FACL Personnel – Updated 2011
Scott M. Haskins, Pres. Chief Conservator – Francesca Ruggeri, Office Manager – Virginia Panizzon, Conservator since 1995 – Oriana Montemurro, Conservator Since 1999

Fair Park Mural Conservation Project Personnel
Conservators: Scott M. Haskins (Chief Conservator), Luisa Pari (Job site Head Conservator), Julie Stephenson (On-site Project Manager), Jan Hessling, Anna Frassine, Gianni Ziglioli, Alma Ortolan, Flavia Benato, Barbara Wojcik, Mata Pavlis

Conservation Consultant: Perry Huston

Specialized Conservation Technicians: Richard Salas,  Ilaria Orando, Wesley Harris, Donna Bates Walker, James E. Toner, Abby Freeman, Ina St. George,  Ted Solum

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Before Conservation - "Pollination of Nature" painted out with 6 layers of paint

Pollination of the Food and Fiber Building

Inpainting "Pollination" on the Food and Fiber Building

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