Fair Park Murals Maintenance Survey May 2016

Pollination of the Food and Fiber Building

Inpainting "Pollination" on the Food and Fiber Building

After years of neglect of the maintenance issues of the art assets at Fair Park, the City of Dallas is surveying the needs of the property’s art as it attempts to turn over the administration and running of the historic property to a private enterprise. They want to make sure that all aspects of the care of this historic jewel are considered in future plans.

FACL has been hired to pull together a priority list of the needs for preservation and restoration treatments of the murals at Fair Park with a designation for immediate care needs, maintenance issues, treatments needed but not required soon, no treatments required.

The list will include about 40 indoor and outdoor murals totally about an estimated 30,000 sq. ft. This does not include bas reliefs, pilons, statuary etc. Those are assets are reported on with other surveys.

The interest in the welfare of the murals is felt intensely by several entities, indeed, these murals of Fair Park are of significant historical and artistic importance not only for the City of Dallas but very pointedly for the State of Texas and for the nation.

Carlo Ciampaglia, ItaloAmericano artist who headed up the team of artists for the Centennial Bldg and the Food and Fiber Bldg.

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